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Auto Loan/Lease Portfolio Sales

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5 Things a Successful Note Buyer Needs to Have

Land Note Things to Look For

Business Note Checklist

Real Estate Note Checklist

Buying Notes From Distressed Sellers

Can You Make Money Buying Judgments?

How the Experts Buy Mortgages

How To Discount Paper

Making Money With Notes

How to Use Notes For Your Retirement Account

Things a Successful Note Buyer Must Have

What Makes a Safe Mortgage


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We have been active in the secondary private paper market since 1980, serving buyers and sellers coast to coast.


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The Types Of Notes We Typically Buy:

To Get A Cash Bid

To start the process and receive a non-obligational cash quote, we need you to complete a Questionnaire on your note telling us about your note. After a review of this questionnaire we will provide you with a cash price for your note. Normally, we will have your cash quote back to you in about a day. If our cash price is acceptable, we will ask for additional documentation to underwrite the transaction and get you your cash. We are always be available to you by phone, fax, email or cell phone.

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