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We Buy
Auto Loan or Lease Portfolios

Anywhere In The U.S.

we buy car loan or lease portfolios

"Buy Here/Pay Here" Portfolios Welcome

Whether your dealership sells or leases cars we can buy your portfolio. This has been referred to as Buy Here / Pay Here paper or portfolios or car loan portfolios or auto loan portfolios or leases; we can purchase these portfolios and provide the owner/dealer with much needed cash.

What Makes A Salable Auto Portfolio

I am frequently asked what makes a good salable auto loan portfolio. Generally speaking we are interested in portfolios with principal balances of about $50,000 to $100,000 minimum, to the sky is the limit. If your portfolio is close to this minimum we’d like to see it.

A dealer can expect a bid from the low 70% to the low 80% to maybe the low 90% of the portfolio remaining balance.

The following is a list of criteria that is preferred but if it is not included it won’t prevent us from buying your portfolio.

I hope this helps and I look forward to working with you. Call Us Toll Free (866) 935-3100


we unlock your funds in auto loans or leases


Unlock Your Funds

get lump sum of cash from your car loan or lease portfolio

You sold it and carried the paper, now get your cash back...


we pay cash for car loan portfolios


If you are looking for a note buyer, you've come to the right place

get lump sum of cash for car finance portfolio


car loan or lease buyers nationwide


The sale process is as follows:

Dealer provides us with an email summary of their portfolio (available on request) from which we provide a preliminart bid.
If our preliminary bid is agreeable, we request dealer to put loans on our spreadsheet

After review of our spreadsheet we will refine our bid to the dealer
If this refined bid is satisfactory, we will ask for copies of the loan documents

After final review of loan documents a firm bid is extended to the dealer

If final bid is acceptable, the deal is funded within a few days.
After funding, dealer is to send in the original documents (a checklist is provided)

With everyone’s cooperation, these deals can be funded in few days.

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We buy seller carry-back notes on real estate sales anywhere in USA. If it give you payments, we'll buy it. Firsts, seconds, wraparounds, AITD, Land Contracts etc.

To Get A Cash Bid

To start the process and receive a non-obligational cash quote, we need you to complete a Questionnaire on your portfolio. After a review of this questionnaire we will provide you with a cash price for your note. Normally, we will have your cash quote back to you in about a day. If our cash price is acceptable, we will ask for additional documentation to underwrite the transaction and get you your cash. We are always be available to you by phone, fax, email or cell phone.


Click to email us with your questions or to get a package to start the bid & sale process.


Let Us Give You Your Cash Today!

auto loan or lease portfolio buyer


We have been active in the secondary private paper market since 1980, serving buyers and sellers coast to coast.

Many Satisfied Portfolio Sellers

many satisfied portfolio sellers



lump sum paid for car financing portfolios


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